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Hi I did things with the goal to do more fandom related projects and also because fandom is so scattered all over different network/blog sites nowadays.

Is a domain/forum newly launched with the intent to serve as a network for fans and tons of info and other fun stuff. Participation is the key and I hope that building up a website and community will be fun and everyone pitches in! Please join in and say hi on the forum and let's do fun things.
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Last Exile plot bunny collection

Probably the first of a few. Basically my way of pathetically begging the fandom for more fanfic. these were already posted on my Tumblr, some have been rewritten not to be so rambling.
Bunnies under the cut )

wallpaper I made

Here's a wall paper I made in photoshop. Special thanks goes to [personal profile] unguilded for the gorgeous linkage image of Sophia

Beware my mediocrity. )
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Three for one!

Decided to save room this way. :P But the rest of the Dio parts from the first novels are done!

Here is part 5, part 6 and part 7!

Look forward to Fam novel stuff coming soon~
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More novel!

I am apparently on a roll.

Here is part 3!!
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More Dio-focused novel stuff!

And here be part 2 of WHO KNOWS!!! Enjoy!

ALSO A BONUS! The last BD booklet is out and has some interesting info about what happened with Claus... DEETS HERE!
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LE Novel Dio-focused stuuuuuuuuuff.

So when there's potential for tidbits and little pieces of extra canon, TARA GETS DETERMINED.

So here's part 1 of who knows of stuff from the LE novels that were released forever ago!
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Oh no here I am again.

This time I'm dropping off novel illustration scans from the first-series novels! Enjoy.
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I copy paste from tumblr and don't afraid of anything.

I also use this journal for nothing but linking things to my RP journal WE ON A ROLL.

So sup guys! An(other) awesome anon appeared in my RP journal to gift us with something we cried about not being able to find anywhere-- well I cried about it anyway like a mature adult does. Scans from the booklets that come with the BD releases! They are awesome, chock full of information and specs and characters' full names and it's a treasure trove of CANON STUFF. Not to mention an entire script for a scrapped 11.5 episode that should have happened instead of 9.5 because it is awesome.

The first 4 are HERE between my comments of endless praise and love for the anon. And the 5th one is HERE! ALL CREDIT TO THE AWESOME ANON WHO DID THIS if they ever unanon I'll edit stuff because seriously they are the best for doing this and deserve to be showered in love.

Yes, enjoy guys! o/ Hopefully we'll get some cool translations and such for this stuff soon.

As an aside, I have a kind of links collection for the stuff that's been all over my journal in order HERE for any interested parties. Novel scans, fan videos, some translations, and other goodies like drink recipes from cafes in Japan that feature different series, and hopefully soon some novel translations (I do that very slowly and not well, so anything that might come up in the future will only probably be small bits from it :x unless a hero arrives to save us all)
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(no subject)

Dropping by to link an infodump for a live drama Dio and Lucciola's seiyuu performed at a special LE event to coincide with Fam's ending a couple of weeks ago, written by one of the writers for Fam. More info on the event and what the drama was about is over there. Enjoy!

For anyone who cares:

There are now character categories for Last Exile on
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Crossposting for a catch-all.

Hello! Just dropping by to share some random translations out of the Chronicle book. Where 'random' means Guild/Dio related things since as much as I'd love to do more I'm not good at this sort of thing. And have biases.

You can see the stuff here, if it interests you! And hopefully maybe one day there'll be translations for the other stuff out of all of these artbooks (THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM AUGH). I'm just, yes I love info like this so figured I'd share it in case anyone else likes that sort of thing too!
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2012 Calendar scans

Driveby linking Last Exile 2012 Calendar scans I've just finished uploading. Stay tuned for random stuff from the Linkage artbook! Enjoy ♥

Last Exile, and Last Exile Fam the Silver Wing videos

Last Exile on the Funimation Channel 

Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing on Funimation Channel

Notes: I think you can only watch each episode once without some kind of subscription or something, but it's a really good way to see the official subs, and watch the dub of the first series if you don't have access to DVDs.

Last Exile on Hulu (only  available for US audiences)

Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing on Hulu

Edited to add Hulu links and request that if anyone knows non English or just sites outside US/Canada legally airing dubs/subs of Last Exile, Fam or both online I would greatly appreciate  links to add to the post.

Other Countries

Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing

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Welcome to Grand Stream!

This is a place for Last Exile fans on Dreamwidth, I thought one might be needed with Fam, the Silver Wing coming out even if the fandom is small. 

We don't have many rules hopefully we won't need that many. I am looking for moderators if anyone is interested.