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Probably the first of a few. Basically my way of pathetically begging the fandom for more fanfic. these were already posted on my Tumblr, some have been rewritten not to be so rambling.

1. A parody/fusion of Snow white and the seven dwarves, with Dio as Snow White, Lucciola as the prince, Delphine as the evil queen, and the Silvana’s crew as the ‘dwarves.’

2. Modern Day AU. Liliana, and Millia heiresses the vast Turan fortune, recently lost their father. Liliana engaged to FBI agent Luscinia Hafez thinks his up coming transfer to the Midwest will be the perfect opportunity to for them to start over, especially considering Millia has been having trouble with some other students at the girl’s private school she attends. Unfortunately for Millia her last day at the private school ends very badly when the leader of the gang of bullies Millia had been having trouble with decides Millia just going away isn’t good enough. Millia is saved by the intervention of self named orphan, Fam FanFan, who’s run away from the foster care system, and the name they gave her, after no one would help her find anything out about her murdered Jane Doe mother, and what other possible family she might have. Millia realizing Fam hasn’t quite thought this through convinces her to come to her home and talk to Luscinia about it. As fate would have it, Luscinia may just have information on the case, as Fam looks remarkably like a woman in one of the files he’s been sent, not just from his new jurisdiction, but the very town they’re moving to who, had gone missing with her infant daughter years ago.

3. Augusta Farahnaz survives the assassination attempt at the Grand Race. Her attempts to forage peace succeed, and years later those who were once Sky pirates are now successful independent merchants, the people of the countries annexed by the federation are enjoying a freedoms taken from them for generations, and Luscinia is courting Princess Liliana of Turan. A courtship he wishes “his family” particularly Sorush would stop trying to help him with, and that they wish he’d stop pretending was just political, and actually admit he likes her. Tensions rise however when another Exile returns. Farahnaz is determined to keep the world from plunging back into war, including the new, for now isolated arrivals. However when the guild sect in charge of the newly recouped territory sends no word after several weeks she fears something disastrous may have happened, and decides despite the quarantine in place for the safety of all the people, she must send someone to find out what is going on.

4. Dio somehow gets a hold of a book of magic spells that work. Alex is turned into a cat.

5. After a routine visit to Casino Royale the crew discovers an infant has somehow been stowed away on the Silvana.

6. The Silvana receives a message delivered by a pair of couriers who also leave a mild but irrigating illness to spread among the crew. Everyone is getting sick, except for those of guild decent who seem to be completely immune. Dio wanting to helpful is more than happy to play doctor.

7. Delphine wanted to ensure Alex lived until she was done “playing with him” and had him injected with highly effective, experimental nano machines, knowing she could use her one of rings to kill him later. This backfires when the nano machines are so effective Alex recovers his strength enough to kill her even while still being poisoned by her truth serum, and is later able to walk away from the Maestro’s destroyed ship. Alex, not knowing what has happened to him realizes his only option is to get back to Sophia for help. Unfortunately the guild’s people behind the creation of the nano machines are looking for him, determined no one will discover their experiments.

8. Modern day, Science fiction AU, about ten percent of the population is born with a variety with psychic powers. Two such people, Dio Eraclea an extremely powerful, but careless telekinetic, and Lucciola, a powerful pyrokinetic are wards of the state living at an academy for psychic children, and as far as they can recall have always been together. Being advanced students they are trained by instructor Alex Row, who honestly wishes at time someone else would take the job, mostly because of Dio. The peaceful lives of the staff, and students at the academy is put in jeopardy when Dio’s sister long detained in a federal prison made for psychics escapes, and Lucciola’s disappeared older brother reappears trying to kidnap both boys.

9. Crossover/fusion with Clue/Cluedo, Infamous Heiress Delphine Eraclea is murdered during a celebration of her younger brother Dio’s birthday. Considering the guest are all people she’d tormented in various ways over the years, and black mailed into coming in the first place the suspect list is pretty long. Everyone is more than happy to hide the body, and leave until they discover they are sealed inside the Eraclea mansion with no escape. Things only get worse when the murderer, or murderers begin trying to pick off the rest of the guest.

10. After the explosion of Delphine’s ship Alex somehow finds himself waking in a world where ten years ago he and Euris escaped the Grand Stream alive, but he died of blood loss soon after. Anatoray has been all but destroyed by the guild. Euris still lives, married to Vincent they lead a small desperate resistance group in Disith. The Silvana was destroyed before it ever launched. Delphine has Alvis, and all but the Dagobert mysterion keeping her from complete victory. With Reciuse dead Alex is the only one in this world who knows the final mysterion now, and despite not knowing if he’s even alive, dreaming, or has just lost his mind he’s determined not to let the Maestro win.

11. Alex is saved from death by Exile recognizing him as a Mysterion Reciter(Exile’s power also protects Dio in the Grand Stream.) Unfortunately Delphine’s truth serum not only leaves him terribly sick for weeks afterward, but has lasting effects. Debilitating migraines, black outs, and worst of all for Alex the spontaneous(though fortunately temporary) complete inability to lie which only seems to appear at the worst times.

12. Modern Fantasy AU. Werewolves are real, a genetic anomaly called Lycanthropy causes some humans to be able to transform into wolves. One such person is the adopted daughter of the Valca family, Alvis. People believing in old superstitions aren’t kind to the girl to begin with, but after a series of dog attacks people come after the girl despite knowing, that still being a puppy in wolf form, she couldn’t possibly be responsible. Fearing they may lose her to violence, or worse a facility owned by the notorious Eraclea family, the Valca’s are at a loss when they receive a invitation to move to a mysterious town nearly on the other side of the country where, the sender promises, Alvis will be welcomed and safe. Claus having recently broken up with his girlfriend Tatiana encourages his parents to accept. Arriving at their new home they discover the isolated town in the middle of a large federally protected territory is a lycanthrope haven, and the invitation came from alpha pair Alex Row, and Sophia Forrester. The family adjusts to their new home, especially Claus, and Alvis who soon become close friends with Lavie Head, a lycanthrope, with a normal, widowed father who is somewhat over protective of her. The peace doesn’t last forever however as Delphine is not happy about Alvis getting away, and personally for Claus, Tatiana calls, she’s coming to visit, and wants to try and work things out.

13. Nearly a year after the war on Earth has ended, someone has begun kidnapping girls, and women from all over the world leaving behind the same insignia. When Millia, Sara, and Alvis are taken those trying to save them realize whoever is behind this is attempting to gather the Exile keys. When Fam is taken by the same group, research into her family reveals her to be an Exile Key as well. Knowing whoever has the girls must already know who all the living Keys are, they are now in a possible race against time to save them.


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