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No release date yet.

It must be coming soon considering the site just updated with a lot of info about it. And remember back when they announced the Aerial Log as well as the novel about Dio and Claus between series? Confirmed to be part of the Aerial Log book itself!

Here is the Table of Contents for it!

- Illustration Gallery
- Range Murata Works
- Story Digest
- Roundtable Discussion (interviews with Range Murata, Takaaki Suzuki, Makoto Kobayashi and Koichi Chiaki)
- “Friends” a newly written novel by Chiaki (illustrations by Muraou Minoru, who was the artists for the Travelers from the Hourglass manga)
- Mechanical Report
- Character Guide
- World Report
- Material Collection

I AM EXCITED. Mainly for the novel! I am hoping since it’s Dio and Claus focused and between series, it is about Dio’s recovery and how it ties into Claus getting in injuries you see in Fam (since the BD booklets confirmed that him trying to get Dio back to normal is how he got hurt). I mean, after dropping that on the fans I HOPE we get better elaboration on it than just a “YEAH THIS HAPPENED” mention like that did with the BDs. I’m going to be translating this first before anything else ever and going crazy on this motherfucker. AS AN ASIDE the Fam novel translations I started are slower than the first series ones I did mainly because while the first series novels had NEW and exciting things in it (until the end seriously fuck that end), so far the stuff in the Fam novels seems to just be narrating and writing out the episodes, so it’s not as interesting so far! It’s a slow work in progress due to this, but holy damn when this Aerial Log comes out that novel is getting DONE.

Also omg Travelers artist doing the novel illustrations GAH SO PRETTY.
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